AbokiaBLAST 2.0

AbokiaBLAST is a parallel implementation of NCBI BLAST created by the inventors of the open-source mpiBLAST project. AbokiaBLAST inherits the super-scalable architecture from mpiBLAST but is re-factored and re-engineered to offer production quality. With intelligent task parallelization and I/O optimization, AbokiaBLAST enables users to massively accelerate large-scale BLAST search on clusters or supercomputers with a single command.

Why Use AbokiaBLAST?

  • Performance. AbokiaBLAST is up to 10 times faster than the open-source mpiBLAST. Its parallel engine scales efficiently across tens of thousands of compute cores.

  • Accuracy. The results of AbokiaBLAST match the new NCBI BLAST engine, i.e., 2.2.25.

  • Auto-Configuration. AbokiaBLAST greatly improves usability by automating the system configuration for optimal performance.

  • Timely Upgrades. The BLAST search engine is regularly upgraded to support the latest version of NCBI BLAST.

  • Service and Support. AbokiaBLAST offers rapid response and support from an experienced team of bioinfomaticists and computer scientists.

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